Book 1:  I’ve made too many changes to the website without updating the document.   Anyone who wants a document copy should probably copy and paste the parts you want.

Responsible-Use-of-Fluoroquinolone-Antibiotics    My recommendation for FQ use.  For anyone who is going to use or prescribe these antibiotics, please do so thoughtfully, with knowledge and awareness of the true risks.

A Public Policy Plan to Utilize the Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmacogenomics to Reduce Serious Adverse Drug Reactions, Develop Personalized and Individualized Therapy, and Provide a Functional Map of the Human Genome  My hope and intention here is to simply provide some thought provoking ideas for change.

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics and Thyroid Problems: Is There A Connection?   This is not a PDF; I wrote this for another website.  It provides a summary of what my website is about.

Love May Be Fleeting, But Lead Is Forever:  Testing For Lead Toxicity.  This is not a PDF; I wrote this for another website.  It’s also a link from the page Lead Toxicity:  Secondary to Hyperthyroidism, Hyperparathyroidism . . . and Fluoroquinolone Toxicity?


My Physician’s Packet:  These are the documents I have provided to some of my physicians.  In general, I have gotten a good response from physicians with this information.    I think the “FQ Adverse Effects:  In Their Own Words” is actually one of the most helpful, despite it’s anecdotal nature  — it shows that medical professionals and their colleagues are not immune to these reactions.  Doctors tend to listen more to “one of their own”.

FQ Adverse Effects EM News CME Part 1

FQ Adverse Effects EM News CME Part 2

FQ Adverse Effects PN

FQ Adverse Effects BMJ 2015 Case Reports

FQ ER Inappropriate Use Abstract

FQ Adverse Effects In Their Own Words from Physicians   Includes Dr. Todd Plumb’s “Dear Doctor” letter.


The Flox Report:   (Versions 11 and 12):  Considered by some FQ victims as the best informational document written on FQ damage while others find it too depressing.    I am in no way associated with the author, nor do I take any credit for the work. In my opinion, it is remarkable in the observations made at a time when the internet was still new enough that there was not anywhere near the information or support groups available for as much pattern recognition as can occur now.  It’s also a remarkable achievement overall, in that it was written by an FQ victim suffering like the rest of us, and is a testament to the tenacity and fortitude of the author to work on this despite battling his own symptoms every day.   The author actually had to purchase some research papers, as there was nowhere near the availability of these as there are now.  Be aware this report is the English translation of the original report.  There is an extensive references list, which may be a good source of older papers and studies not found elsewhere.




My “FQ Stories” Documents:  I think that the stories of victims can be very powerful.  Here, I’ve collected brief stories from public posts over the years.  There will be some repeats, but for the most part, most of these are unique.  This is probably 1% or less of the stories I could have collected.

FQ Story quotes 1

FQ Story quotes 2

FQ Story quotes 3

FQ Story quotes 4

FQ Story quotes 5

FQ Story quotes 6

FQ Story quotes 7 thyroid

FQ Stories German  (From German Medication Review site, for hundreds of reviews, see site links:  Levaquin, and Cipro).

FQ Adverse Effects In Their Own Words from Physicians:  This is the same document as listed above.   For anyone who thinks physicians and other medical professionals are not affected, or that they somehow know more than the rest of us about this toxicity, or that they can appropriately warn patients of the dangers of these drugs — think again.


Media Pleas  I wrote these as templates for myself to be used for media pleas and posting comments to articles or news stories.  I picked out sentences or paragraphs that were pertinent to the topic at hand to provide brief responses.  The longer versions were used as responses to further inquiry.

Comment to Brit Marling East  My comment to the reviewer.

Year Two Write up –Summary Symptoms and Diagnoses   My Two Year Post Flox Summary of where I was at and what I was thinking back then.


Hashitoxicosis Discussions  Often times it helps to read the same or similar information from other sources and people.   I am not affiliated in any way with these discussions, but simply provide them here as additional resources.

Armour Iodine Protocol   “Block and Replace Using Armour (NDT) and Iodine:  An approach to consider if T4-only or synthetics fail you“.  This is something I wrote several years back for a few friends of mine who were interested in the NDT’s.  I cover some of the topics I’ve discussed in this website in what might be a simpler and briefer format.

A Recovery Story With Armour and Cortisol:   This is a PodCast, not a PDF.  It is the story of one flox victim’s recovery with Armour and Cortisol.