Traditional or Alternative?

Anyone with a chronic invisible illness, including floxing, usually becomes aware of both traditional medical approaches, diagnostics, and treatments as well as alternative or holistic approaches, diagnostics, and treatments.  Often times, the traditional medical community has little to offer, and this is when many people turn to the alternative community for help.

I’m for whatever works, and I like to believe that I’m open to anything.  I utilized both approaches in my recovery attempts.  There are pros and cons to both approaches, and for the most part, I try to review them all and proceed from there when it comes to my own health.  In this particular document, I’m not going into a lot of details about the various things I tried, especially during my time on TH treatment.  That would be like, another 100 pages, and I’m just trying to get the basics out on this website. Suffice to say I’m aware of both general approaches (traditional and alternative/holistic) and many of the various protocols involved in both.

This document is pretty “middle of the road”, meaning I don’t adhere, promote, or denigrate any one approach or protocol over the other.  Some of my experiences and interpretations of them will be considered “alternative” by the traditional medical community, while some of them will be considered too “traditional” by the alternative community.  This is the nature of being “in the middle of the road”.  However, overall, in this particular document, I explain my symptoms and interpretations of them in the context of the traditional medical and scientific genre.  Part of this is because I’m a bit of a science geek, traditionally trained, and have worked on a variety of traditionally based research projects in government, university, and private settings.  Part of it is because I was also a traditionally trained practitioner, versed in the traditional medical differentials and diagnosis process.   And part of it is because I think that the only way any headway will be made on the scientific front “proving” the damage these drugs cause, is via the traditional scientific and research community.  For these reasons, this is why there will be a strong bent towards the traditional scientific and medical approach on this website.

For people more interested in the alternative and holistic approach, there are many other resources, internet websites and forums available, and I would encourage flox victims as well as anyone with an “invisible illness” to check them out.  The sad fact is, the traditional medical community has little to no answers for the huge part of the population stuck in the category of “chronic invisible illness”.   Not to mention that for flox victims, it was traditional medicine, and the failure of that entire system,  that got us in this mess in the first place.


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