The Reason I Focused on TH/Iodine Related Issues

In March 2010 I experienced an acute and severely disabling flox reaction to Cipro.  Eventually, fifteen months later, after extensive traditionally based as well as “alternative” diagnostic testing, the only objective lab abnormalities found were anti-thyroid antibodies. Desperate to try and help myself out of this devastating situation I found myself in, I began my research into “everything thyroid”.  Symptoms of some kind of TH abnormality seemed to fit my situation according to everything I was reading, and the only abnormality found were these antibodies, so it seemed a reasonable place to start.  Additionally, it appeared that a significant number of flox victims also suspected TH related abnormalities, or had been diagnosed with thyroid disorders pre or post flox, and many of their symptoms seemed to match mine.  Lastly, the thyroid axis was something I could control to some extent with medications, and monitor with serial lab measurements.  I hoped this would provide at least a crude measure of objective data correlating my symptoms and lab values as a function of dosage and types of treatments.  Ultimately, of course, I was hoping that TH medication would resolve all my symptoms and I could go back to living a real life.  That didn’t happen in the long run, but I did learn a lot during this process, resulting in this write up and website.


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