T3/T4 Basics: Some Key Points

The next four sections on “T3/T4 Basics” will describe the following:

  1. Just like Iodine, I was very sensitive to T3, and I could not tolerate larger dosage amounts of it, or T3 serum levels higher than T4 levels .
  1. When it comes to thyroid hormones and iodine, there are some rather predictable time frames for symptoms that might develop as a result of deficiencies or excess of T4, T3, and Iodine.   And these time frames in part are based on the half lives of each.
  1. Sudden bursts of T3 and T4 are what caused “flares” in me.  These flares often resulted in symptoms similar to “hyperthyroidism”.  These flares also exacerbated and made my floxing symptoms worse.   I could predict to some extent how long my symptoms would last, once I understood the half lives of T4, T3, and Iodine.
  1. The conditions under which TSH and T4 serum lab measurements are – and are not — reliable as a screen of “thyroid health”.


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