Iodine Basics: Some Key Points

Before going any further into how my floxing symptoms were affected by Iodine and Thyroid Hormone (TH), it would probably be a good idea to cover some key concepts with each that were pertinent to my situation.   The next several sections are my attempt to simplify some difficult concepts in the hopes there will be greater understanding as to how iodine affected my floxing symptoms under different situations.

There are a lot of key players interacting here in the “Iodine and TH Basics” sections.  T3, T4, and Iodine are interacting with each other both in the thyroid gland, and also peripherally in all the other cells of the body.  T3, T4, and Iodine can be taken exogenously, such as in pill medication form, but also can be produced endogenously by the thyroid gland and in the case of T3 and Iodine, in other peripheral cells of the body.   T3, T4, and Iodine would affect me differently depending on whether or not I was taking TH medication or not.  I don’t expect anyone to really understand it all in one pass.  But I guess that’s the beauty of a website or book:  the information will always be here for those motivated to try and understand it.  I think it’s one of those things that probably will seem really confusing at first, but with time, you’ll see that I actually repeat myself quite a bit, and eventually, it can make sense.  So I imagine it will take time to sort it all out and get a good understanding of these concepts for those motivated to do so.


The next four sections on “Iodine Basics” will describe the following:

  1. How iodine seemed to both help and hurt my floxing symptoms, depending on the dosages of iodine and whether or not I was currently on TH medications.
  1. The different ways iodine would affect my thyroid gland, depending on the dosages of iodine and the particular pathology of the thyroid gland I was experiencing   (Hashi’s in my case).
  1. How iodine affected my “non-thyroidal”, or “extra-thyroidal” cells – meaning all the other cells of my body – which was different than how it affected my thyroid gland cells.
  1. Another version of the same information as above.


I don’t spend a lot of time discussing selenium in this document.  This is not because I don’t think it’s important or I didn’t experiment with it.  It is very important, and I did experiment with it and learned some things in the process as well as how selenium alone affected some of my floxing symptoms.  Iodine and selenium are kind of like a “matched set” in terms of supplementing.  If a person is going to supplement with iodine, I think selenium should be supplemented too, or at least run lab work to make sure enough selenium is available from the diet.  On the other hand, excess selenium can cause “Selenium Toxicosis”, providing another good reason to monitor Selenium in the blood.


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