Tinnitus, Ear Pressure, and Hearing Changes

These symptoms also went hand in hand with the “Trigeminal and Geniculate Neuralgia” and “Intra-cranial Pressure and Headaches” and “The CNS Symptoms”.  As part of my “hyper” symptoms, the ear pressure felt like my ears could explode out, along with the increasing intra-cranial pressure.  Once I went “hypo”, it felt like the opposite:  as if somehow my eardrums were being sucked inward. This “ear pressure” was similar to what I would feel when rising up in altitude and back down again in a plane, or on car rides up and down mountains, except that yawning would not clear the Eustachian tubes or help any.  But the feeling in my ears was similar to that.

Tinnitus consisted of the very high pitched sounds, but also the “fax machine” sounds on occasion.  When I was in the sweet spot hormonally, I didn’t have tinnitus.  When I was on the “hyper” side, the tinnitus would be of one pitch; when I was on the “low” side, the tinnitus would be of a slightly different pitch.

My actual hearing ability also waxed and waned, which was very interesting.  I never could discern the pattern for this.  But I noticed when I would watch TV, that sometimes I had to have the volume very high, and I worried that I actually was losing my hearing.  But then other times, I could have the volume very low, and still hear well without a problem.  During the severe vertigo-migraine like period, I definitely suffered from the “sensitivity to light and sound”, where sometimes the slightest sound would make me almost jump out of my skin; almost like an electric jolt.  It was truly an amazing experience.  I worried about permanent damage to my ears and my hearing quite a bit because of all these symptoms.

Loss of hearing can be a symptom of hypothyroidism, along with tinnitus and vestibular abnormalities.  Deafness and other hearing problems occur with congenital thyroid abnormalities as well.  So there is a well known association between thyroid conditions and hearing problems, and I suspect that many of my hearing issues were TH/Iodine related as well.


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