Knees: the “Snap, Crackle, Pop”

This was one of the first symptoms I developed when I was acutely floxed with Cipro in March 2010.  This symptom developed on Day 5-6 post.  I remember it clearly, because I had never had any problems in my knees prior to this.  As a vet, I was always bending down on my knees throughout the day to work with the larger dogs on the floor.  Along with the developing fatigue and “feeling like I was 100 years old”, there was this rather alarming loud “snap crackle pop” that I could feel as well as hear going on throughout both knees whenever I bent them.  This symptom decreased quite a bit many months after the initial acute phase.  However, this also was a symptom that returned quite quickly whenever TH or Iodine increased.  I rarely, if ever kneeled or crouched after being floxed, simply because I couldn’t.  But I could hear this “snap crackle pop” whenever I used the stairs in my house, and this symptom waxed and waned depending on where I was at with my T3/Iodine status.


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