Hallucinations and Hallucinogenic Dreaming

During the acute phase of my March 2010 reaction, I had extremely vivid, psychedelic type dreams, which I had never experienced before prior to taking the Cipro.  My mind was so active at night, I was never sure I had actually slept, and it felt like I hadn’t slept either.  As I lay virtually bedridden for the several months, these “dreams” spilled over into my “waking” periods also, a fairly interesting experience.  Thankfully, as the months wore on from this initial reaction, the hallucinogenic dreaming slowly wore off and I started feeling like I was actually sleeping at night.  I didn’t really experience this again until 1) I had a couple of massive flares, and 2) It became apparent that dramatic increases in T3 or Iodine also increased both the amount and the “vividness” of my dreams.  In fact, once again, I could use the quality of my dreams as a monitor to help me determine if I was entering a flare state or getting “too high”.


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