Example of Acute Symptoms Due to Second FQ Exposure


This is taken from other writings:

Day 5 I was hit with a bizarre extreme fatigue that I’ve never felt before, it’s not your typical “I’m tired” or “fatigue” type of thing.  I’ve heard it described as if one’s “battery is unplugged”, and that’s a good description. I could barely keep moving.  Day 6 the clicking and popping starting in my knees when I tried to crouch or kneel in the exam room while working with the big dogs; I’d never in my life had any knee or joint problems, and between this and the fatigue I felt “like I was a 100 years old”.  Day 7 the tendon pain started in earnest – in every tendon in my body.   This, too, is not like any pain I’d ever experienced in my life – it was not the joints, it was not inflammation, it was simply every tendon in my body started with excruciating pain made worse with the slightest use, movement, or pressure.  We’re talking tendons in my feet, toes, ankles, knees, hips, back and torso, shoulders, elbows, wrists, every finger, jaw, eyes, even the periodontal ligaments around each tooth seemed to hurt.  I could no longer vaccinate, grip a pen or syringe, do surgery or hold a dog; I could no longer stand or walk; with great effort I tried to hobble about with my weight resting on the lateral edges of my feet, and not bend my knees, eating was painful and left my jaws and teeth hurting.  During this time the “hot flashing” started – not simply typical hot flashes, but feeling like I was being hit by a truck from the side, almost knocked over completely, while breaking out into a complete sweat and feeling like I was going to pass out and collapse.  I remember standing in the room talking with clients, trying to support myself against the bench so I wouldn’t fall over, hoping they wouldn’t notice I was sweating and facing some inner unknown alien foe, about to collapse – and feeling how the tendon pain was worse simply because I been supporting my weight with my arms.  By Day 9 it was all over –  I left work early for the first time ever in my career due to feeling ill, and sobbed all the way home.  Within a few days, I was completely disabled and bedridden with severe, generalized tendinopathy, extreme muscle weakness and fatigue, muscle and tendon fasciculations and jerking, strange peripheral neuropathies in my arms, legs, head and face, extreme general fatigue, severe “brain fog”, hallucinogenic dreaming, severe headaches and intracranial head pressure,  severe ear pressure and pain, nausea, tinnitus, extreme hot flashes, dry mouth, dry, painful eyes and vision problems, heart palps, tachycardia, arrhythmias, panic and anxiety, and feeling generalized extreme weakness.  I was completely bedridden for the first 2-3 months or so.  I had to lay in bed with my arms and legs flat out straight because of the tendon pain.  I couldn’t type or use the computer, because every tendon in my fingers, hands, wrists, and arms were affected and severely painful.  I couldn’t hold up a book to read, because the weight of the book was too much and I couldn’t bend my arms, without increasing the tendon pain.  The weight of the sheets on my toes caused severe pain in the tendons there.  I couldn’t tell if I was asleep or awake; I’ve never taken LSD before, but I imagine it to be something similar, as I had these incredible vivid hallucinations or dreams day and night.  I had to be pushed in a wheelchair to attend doctor appointments.  It was months before I got up and was able to start painfully hobbling around in the house.

Symptoms slowly improved to the point I was able to walk around the house and out to my mailbox by about Month 6 post, and many of the other symptoms had improved quite a bit too.  But then in Month 7 post I discovered my glucose fluctuating between 50 – 250 mg/dl.  Month 8 post I acutely developed new/renewed CNS, PNS, and ANS symptoms with a vengeance, along with all the food intolerances.  Month 32 post I suffered another acute massive attack of whatever it is this toxicity sets off, leaving me once again bedridden for virtually all of 2013.  And in August 2014 I suffered yet another massive attack from eating a few canned beans which, unkown to me before hand, had extra iodine in them (by then, I was well aware of the fact that unfortunately, I had developed an extreme sensitivity to iodine, which severely limited the foods I could eat).  This last attack sent me on a further downward spiral to some kind of neuromuscular disorder that I couldn’t come back from.

By the way, extensive testing via the traditional medical community comes up all negative or WNL.  This includes no elevated inflammatory markers what so ever, even during the acute phase or “flare attacks”.  It’s been almost five years now, and my symptoms have remained 1) consistent over time, and 2) consistent with those of other sufferers of this condition, although in an overall fashion, I slowly but surely continue to decline, if for no other reason than it’s terribly unhealthy to live such a limited life physically.  Eventually, like many others, I discovered anti-thyroid antibodies, but that’s been the only objective abnormality so far, other than severely dry eyes confirmed with STT=0 test.  Astoundingly enough, on paper, for the most part, I am the picture of health.


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